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as a messenger of opportunity…..i bring talented people and talent seeking companies together……cr 7/13/09…….

Allow me to introduce Progressive Executive, Inc. its principal and business strategy. PROGRESSIVE EXECUTIVE, INC. headed by Russell Schutt has been recruiting for over 20 years.

As principal of Progressive Executive, Inc. Russell Schutt has an MBA, and has completed advanced training in the Staffing Industry through numerous seminars and conferences. Progressive Executive has filled a variety of Sales/Marketing, Hardware, Software, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Quality and Test jobs. In industries that include Fluid Power, Automotive, Manufacturing, Hi-tech, Aerospace, Automation, Biomedical, Electrical, and Construction. These jobs have been Permanent, Temp to Hires, and Temporary assignments.

We are members of the Top Echelon Network of Recruiters consisting of approximately 1000 other independent recruiters. This allows to us have a wider variety and a more diverse supply of candidates to supply our hiring companies.

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Dick Suttell
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